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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Web site privacy policy:

We do not collect any information about our visitor's email or referring domain.
For visitors on our website we collect Aggregate (General Tracking) information about pages that users visit on our site.

The information that we collect is used for tracking and internal review, and is then discarded.

Cookies and/or web beacons are being used to collect data in the ad serving process.

We may partner with 3rd party ad or content delivering services to deliver relevant ads or content to our visitors.

With respect to security, we use industry standard encryption technologies, when transferring and receiving data from visitors on our website.

charles Goins  - Wats up   |2009-01-22 10:50:17
Wats up with you, this is your number 1 fan. I have been in all the promblems
you have been in at those young ages...... So thats why i am your number 1
Fan... Your my role model........ So keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
jamilah dennis   |2009-02-03 12:13:46
wat up
roeisha reddick   |2009-02-12 06:26:56
avatar WAT UP I WUV U
Stephanie Gutierrez  - Ummmm You Are So Damn Sexy Baby     |2009-07-07 17:18:19
Stephanie Gutierrez     |2009-07-07 17:18:27

Stephanie Gutierrez

 - Ummmm You Are
So Damn Sexy Baby




|2009-07-08 01:18:19

Haliegh Bartolo   |2009-09-28 08:34:38
can wait to be your baby mama
jessica henry   |2010-01-22 19:20:20
ahhh..... no no no no no boo!!!!!!!!!! he already has a baby mama!!!!!!!!!!!
jessica henry   |2010-01-22 19:19:08
first of all, hi room! but just to let you all know................
MZ...GOONETTE is in the picture now, so haters back up, followers stay close,
and loser give up!!!!! plies baby i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie Davis   |2010-07-01 07:54:10
avatar U R very appreciated.... Happy Birthday..!!
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