Parents See Plies As A Negative Example For Their Children
Friday, 20 April 2012

Although Plies is a very successful rapper and is very appreciated in the hip-hop industry, parents do not seem to share the opinions of music moguls. Plies sings about money, women and violence and, naturally, parents are not very pleased to see their children listening to his music. Fingers were already pointed at Plies when several artists deemed the violence of his songs. However, the rapper says he simply writes facts from his own life and has nothing to hide. He maintains his point that his songs are realistic and show life as it is, without making it sweeter. As in every issues, there are voices pro and against Plies, but most parents do all they can to prevent their children listening to this type of music. Moreover, the music is not the only problem they see in Plies, but also the fact that he is careless about the fact of being a dropout, sending a wrong message to the young generation.

Plies promotes his personal lifestyle and even if he does not force anyone to do anything, he is still a bad example, according to parents. He gave up school, he sings about money, women, guns and violence and seems pretty proud of him, fact that disturbs the parents. They are angry mostly because many radio stations play his music, practically giving a tacit consent that tells kids that listening this music and then applying those heard in songs is OK.

Plies may be an awarded artist and a talented rapper, but this does not make him a role model for children, consider the parents. Plies defends himself, because he does not make music for the children and he is not the one responsible with their education. Plies only does his job, but the parenting should be made by those who do not want their children to listen to his music. The most important education is the one received home and in that, Plies has no interference. He cannot stop anyone to listen to his music and according to his statements, he does not consider himself guilty for how people react to his lyrics.

Plies And Snoop Dog
Thursday, 05 April 2012

Plies is a famous American rapper who was born on July, 1976. His real name is Alrgernod Lanier Wasgington. Plies chose this name being inspired by his hometown Fort Myers that named the drug-dealers by the slank. Plies grew up in the East Dunbar. After he graduated high school, Plies did his best to pursue his dream in music. Plies  liked rap music very much, so from 1994, he strived to make his dream come true. To manage do that, Plies  and his brother formed together Big Gates Record. His first success came with the song entitled 'Tell Dem Krackers Dat', which was great. Although it was an accident, Plies believes nothing takes place on accident.

When Slip'n Side Records heard this song, decided to help him release a first single called "Got 'Em Hatin". In 2006, Plies knew Akon, who was working on his album Konvicted. He and Akon had an important collaboration with the song I Wanna Fuck You, which was written by Plies. As Plies had a negativepublic image, he could not sing the song. Snoop Dog became the artist who sang it and replaced the initial title with I Wanna Love You. Ironically, the song became a huge hit.

The artist declared that he does not have real problems, only with being successful. Plies claimed that his music talks about real problems and life, helping people get over their problems and struggles. There were a few scandals in which Plies was involved, but the celebrity continues to work in the studio and be successful. Plies still has lots of fans and his controversial life is something usual for a rapper. He still has a lot of things to sing about. His lyrics are inspired from the real life, even by his own. His debut album called The Real Testament was sold in over 96,000 units, being extremely successful and appreciated. Plies and his following albums were also a huge success and became very popular.

Plies Public Image
Friday, 30 March 2012

Plies is a famous American rapper. Almost all the songs he released became hits. Plies albums were typical for a rapper, including lyrics and songs about social life, gangsters, how great he is and how difficult life can be. Plies lyrics are written by him and are inspired by his life experience and activities. Ever since Plies was a teenager, he liked rap a lot and in time, he fought for his dream.

At present, Plies released four albums, 10 singles, 25 music videos and 12 featured singles. Plies, as well as many other fresh artists started to be famous also for his collaboration with other music celebrities. Although people and fans know him by his stage name, the real name of Plies is Algernod Lanier Washington. His musical activity was very intense and he managed to be one of the most famous and popular rap artists in the world. His albums are The Real Testament, Definition of the Real, DA Realist, Goon Affiliated and Purple Heart. The artist was nominated at the Grammy Awards for the Best Rap Performance by A Duo or a Group. Plies was nominated several times for his albums, this being the proof that he is very famous and appreciated.

His life, as well as that of other rappers, was not a smooth one. The latest scandal Plies is involved in was because of shooting in a bar where several people were injured. He and his brother were involved and were sued. His brother received a sentence of three years of prison. Plies said that others wanted to make money illegally and accused him, exaggerating. Nonetheless, Plies public image  was affected by this scandal, but it is not something unusual for a rapper. He will be famous anyhow and will continue to write songs and collaborate with other famous artists. He is very focused on his career and wants to release more and more songs that will also become hits in the entire world and will have more fans.

Plies And The Shooting Scandal
Thursday, 15 March 2012

Plies, a famous American rapper, was born July 1st, 1976. His real name is Algernod Lanier Washington. Although he always liked music, Plies was passionate also about football and he played thsi game a lot before becoming a rapper. Plies fame increased suddenly, his fans being numerous. Although he strived and waited to become a rapper, Plies finally succeeded. Plies released albums one by one and each of them was a great success. Hypnotyzed and Shawty, Definition of Real, Da Realist, as well as Good Affiliated  and numerous collaborations that he had with already famous rappers, catapulted his career. 

Plies writes his own songs and lyrics, finding his inspiration source in the daily life and his past experiences. Almost all his songs talk about sex, love, social problems, which characterize very well his life. During his successful career, Plies received many nominations and awards, all his albums being appreciated. Although Plies is a celebrity now and has managed that due to his great ambition and love for music, he was also involved in scandals. He had dealt with  a law suit over the shooting in a club in Gainesville, Florida. The trial lasted eight days, for eight hours and was ruled against Plies and his brother, Ronell "Big Gates". Plies declared that he's unhappy with what happened. He also added that there are people who try to make money in an illegal way, rather that asking a compensation for the injuries.

Plies was sentenced to probation, but his brother was sent to prison for three years. However, his brother was satisfied with the verdict, but Plies didn't. Before the trail Plies and his brother tried to settle to avoid a scandal, but their offers were totally refused. Although Plies is involved in scandals, he is still a famous rapper. Nonetheless, his public image was affected by this trial. Even so, he will still be successful and have many fans all around the world and his albums will sell a lot.

Plies Nominations And Awards
Thursday, 08 March 2012

Plies is a well-known rapper. He released numerous albums and managed to make a big name for himself in the industry, because of his music and stage persona. Since the start of his musical career, Plies came out with five records as follows: The Real Testament (2007), Definition of Real (2008), Da REAList (2008), Goon Affiliated (2010) and Purple Heart (2012). The main themes of these albums are centered on the so-called "gang life", revolving on a variety of aspects, from lifestyle and love to violence.

In 2008, Plies received three nominations at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. The song that provided him with an entrance in the nominated artists categories was Bust It Baby Pt. 2, in collaboration with Ne-Yo. The categories which featured the rappers name were: Ringtone of the Year, People's Champ Award and Best Collaboration. In the same year, the Ozone Awards included Plies among the nominees for several categories. He entered the Best Rap Album category, with The Real Testament. Bust It Baby Pt. 2 featuring Ne-Yo gained him a place among the artists in the Best Rap / R&B Collaboration. A great nomination for the music reputation of the artists was for the Club Banger of the Year category. He entered this through the I'm So Hood song, which he performed in collaboration with DJ Khaled, Trick Daddy, T-Pain and Rick Ross. In 2011, the major fields of the music industry finally started to take more notice of the young rapper. Plies was nominated at the Grammy Awards for the Bets Rap Performance by a Duo or a Group, for the Lose My Mind song with Young Jeezy.

Over the course of his career so far, Plies managed to receive a variety of nominations for several rap awards. Unfortunately for Plies, he only managed to win one award. He won the category for Best Rap / R&B Collaboration, in 2007, at the Ozone Awards, for the song Shawty with T-Pain. Even if he didn't win many trophies, Plies is still going strong with his career and the nominations he received show that he is appreciated by the fans and by the industry.

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