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Monday, 06 February 2012

When it comes to rap music, Plies is an artist that surely knew how to make it into the spotlight and become a worldwide known musician. Plies was born on July 1, 1976, in Fort Myers, Florida. While his career has always been on the spotlight, little is known about the personal and early life of Plies. Especially for his fans, here is some information about the life of Plies, prior to becoming a superstar. Well, Plies grew up in a small area of Fort Myers, East Dunbar. During high school, which he attended at Fort Myers Senior High School, he was quite popular.

The popularity of Plies in his teen years mainly had to do with the fact that he was part of the football team. Plies played receiver and defensive back. Then, all the popularity he had received as a football player got him the title of Homecoming King. Moreover, besides crowning, Plies was also named the 'Best Dressed' student in his class. After graduating, Plies enrolled at the Miami University, where he also played football as a wide receiver, from 1996 until 1977. When in the sophomore year, Plies transferred to the University of Central Florida. Unfortunately, he was not able to handle it, so he dropped out. While he was a talented football player, Plies never forgot about his number one passion: music.

So, Plies and his stepbrother Ronnell, mostly known as Big Gates, decided to start a record label in the late 90s. So, Big Gates Records was established shortly. Believe it or not, Plies did not want to rap at first, but his stepbrother did not agree. Big Gates made the inspired decision of keeping the verse of Plies on the track Tell Dem Krackers Dat. The track was quite successful, so Plies and Big Gates travelled on numerous occasions to Miami, in order to promote it. Eventually, all these trips led to a record deal for Plies, who collaborated with Slip n Slide Records until 2004. In 2003, Plies's girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful son, Nijier Lanier Washington. After being involved in numerous scandals, Plies finally got his breakthrough in 2007, when he released the album The Real Testament.

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