Plies Musical Career
Monday, 29 August 2011
Plies is one of the artists who have managed to remain on the spotlights years after releasing the first musical project. Piles music is found to be very inspirational for many people all over the world and fans cannot wait for their favorite star to launch new projects. Well, Piles has become famous in the music industry in 2007, when he launched his first album, The Real Testament. The album released in 2007 was a huge success, as fans just loved it, while the debut single on this album became one of Billboard Hot Rap Tracks. On this Plies musical album, you will also be able to find a collaboration with famous singer Akon. Well, there is no wonder that so many people loved this Piles album. And Piles himself managed to have a collaboration with another famous star, Fat Joe.

Having under consideration the huge success of this first album, the next year Piles released a new material, which received also some really good reviews and was positively welcomed by fans all over the world. On this album, Piles songs included a featuring with Ne-Yo, in fact the song Bust IT Baby Pt. 2 being the leading single on the album. And the success that Piles music began to have all over the world helped the star debut with his second album directly on number two on the Hot Rap Tracks. Only in the first week, Piles music sold in more than 214.000 copies. And having in mind the huge success of the last Piles music projects to be out, the star continued the hard work and released a new album the same year. His third album debuted on number 14. On this album, the star worked with Ashanti and Ludacris.

And new Piles music was released last year, in June 2010. Then, Piles lunched his fourth album. Other new singles were later out to complete the series of good Piles music after the release of Goon Affiliated. And we can surely say, without being afraid of making a mistake, that all the songs that Piles released were successful. Fans now wait for the star to release new materials.
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