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Plies Most Popular Songs And Albums
Monday, 24 October 2011

Plies is one of the artists which have had a very powerful and interesting musical career. And there is no wonder that people love and admire Plies, as he is a complex star. Plies is a famous American rapper, which has millions of fans all over the world. And people just seem to love Plies, as he is very talented and also extremely committed to his work. Throughout the years, Plies has managed to release numerous very successful singles, but some became more popular compared to others. However, fans love all Plies albums and there is no wonder that his music is so much appreciated, as his lyrics are inspirational and unique, while Plies music has always been very original.

Plies released his first album in 2007. His debut single, "Shawty" was a huge success and it actually reached number 9 on Top Hot 100. That was the moment when the whole world started to realize that Plies will soon become a well known and appreciated star. So, this first album, "The Real Testament," should not be missing from your personal Plies albums collection. And that is ever more important if you keep under consideration the fact that one of the most important singles that Plies has ever released is included on this album. The song, "Hypnotized," is a single at which Plies worked with famous singer Akon.

Although the first Plies album released in 2007 was a huge success, the star has started working at his next album almost immediately after the release of "The Real Testament." So, the very next year, in 2008, Plies released another album, "Definition of Real." The album was out only about 10 years after Plies' debut album. The third Plies album was released in 2010 and "Goon Affiliated" actually received some of the best reviews. And in 2010, Plies decided to release another new album, so in September "You Need People Like Me" became available in sale for all fans to purchase. The most recent work that Plies will release is the album "Purple Heart". The album also includes some mixtapes that Plies earlier released.

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