Plies- Ambition And Talent
Monday, 06 February 2012

Plies is an American rapper, with a complicated life story, but its success came in the same way as it happened to many other artists. Before becoming popular and successful, Plies was an ordinary young man, without too much money, but with that ambition that led him to a successful career. Although Algernod Lanier Washington, which is Plies real name, began its musical career in 2007, in a few years his success became incredible. Apart from its talent and passion for music, Plies has something that is worth admiring: he believed in his dream and himself, although the start was hard and not so promising. However, that did not make Plies give up, on the contrary, he continued pursuing his dream and he finally managed.

Plies and his albums were immediately sold and in a short time, he became a celebrity among other many rappers. Shawty, Hypnotized, Good Affiliated, are only a part of his successful songs that became hits and today he is very appreciated by fans and critics, meaning that he has talent and is very committed to his passion for music. Plies and the lyrics are inspired by his own life and experiences, reality and what surrounds him, being the main source of inspiration. His albums were released very fast, and his success seems to have no end.

Although Plies is young, he is a good example of what it means to have a huge passion and to dedicate your life to it, believing in yourself and in your talent. Even since high school, Plies demonstrated his talent, but the great thing is that he never gave up, but continued to write songs, lyrics, hoping that one day someone will discover his talent and he will have the chance to start a wonderful musical career. For Plies, all these happened and today he has plenty of fans that are waiting for new albums, being convinced that will be as great as his previous ones. This artist became an important name in music history and his success is fabulous.

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