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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Plies is an amazing star, being well known all over the world for his very successful singles. Although his real name is Algernod Lanier Washington, the star remains better known by his stage name. Plies was born in Fort Meyers, Florida, Washington and began his musical career in 2007. Since the first moment when Piles entered the musical stage until now, the star has released three albums. Right from the beginning of his career, Plies has shown that he has an incredible talent, nowadays having millions of fans, all over the world.

The first album that Plies has ever released is "The Real Testament." The album was out in 2007 and it included one of the most successful Plies songs, "Shawty" and "Hypnotized." There is no way you have never heard about these songs, as they received some of the best reviews from fans and critics. And they are surely amazing. The second Plies album also was extremely successful. It was released the very next year, so Piles has actually managed to record some new, great songs only a few months after the release of his first album. This is how the success of this star managed to grow in only one year. The last Plies album to be out is "Good Affiliated", but the star has claimed he has new musical projects to release, for all the fans who love and appreciate his work. 

The last Plies album, "Good Affiliated" actually was scheduled to be released in 2009. However, the date had to be changed and Piles released the successful songs collection only in June 2010. Many of the songs included on the great majority of Plies albums were successful and appreciated. So, there is no wonder that Plies' work was awarded and that the star has received many nominations throughout the years. Plies has an incredible talent and fans seem to appreciate all his work. And the star has never disappointed them. Well, if you listen to at least one Plies song, you are surely going to become a fan yourself. And having all his albums in your personal collection is the best way to enjoy these amazing singles, each day.

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