The Best Collaborations
Friday, 05 October 2012

Algernod Lanier, better known as Plies, is one of the most popular American rappers. He started his career casually, encouraged by his brother who initially needed some help on a track. After that, Plies became passionate with music and he signed at Slip'n'Slide Records in Miami. His debut album was 100% Nigga. Until present, Plies released four albums in total. He does not sing just on his own, but he also had a few collaborations with other celebrities. The best collaborations of Plies are those with Ne-Yo on Bust It Bay Part 2, with Lady on Down Bitch and with Usher on Hey Daddy. The videos bellow are with these exact songs.

Bust It Baby Part 2 is a love song clearly dedicated to a woman, whom Plies describes through the lyrics. You can see the official video of this song bellow.

Down Bitch is the collaboration between Plies and Lady. It is not known for sure what was the inspiration of this song, but it is clear that for someone a love relationship went wrong at some point because of an unfaithful woman. 

Hey Daddy, also known as Daddy's Home is a hot song of Usher where Plies is featured. If you thought that daddy refers to a man involved in a paternal relationship, you were wrong. Just listen to the song and figure out for yourself which is the topic.

These three are the best collaborations of Plies until now. Let's just wait and see the music he is working on right now to see what surprises is the rapper preparing for his next album.

About A Young Heartthrob - Plies
Wednesday, 06 June 2012

Making the ladies go crazy with songs like Bust It Baby Part 2 or Shawty, this respected boy of the streets is one of the most appreciated rappers. Plies offers through his songs a honest depiction of life as it is. With awesome beats and simple lyrics, he allows the listeners to enter his thoughts and see how he really is. At his age, the rapper has a lot of accomplishments, conquering in just a few years the R'n'B loving public. Teenagers and young women love him and thugs appreciate him for all that he did with his life and for all that he is transmitting through his music. His story is overwhelming and although he started from a low point, he achieved a great success that many do not get to have in a lifetime. His talent is extremely appreciated  and so is his style.

Soon, the singer will release its forth album in only three years. He is very creative and he always speaks his mind, so he managed to come up with something completely new in a very short time. With raw rhymes and edgy beats, he is prepared to show the best now. Thanks to his looks, he will not have a single problem promoting his new album, as his great base of female fans is eager to hear his new music. He is considered very cool and although he did not intended to be a rapper, this is what made him famous and what brought him in the attention of so many women.

Although he speaks in his songs about violence and drugs, most of his female fans are hooked up on him thanks to his honesty. Nice girls are always attracted to bad boys, so Plies does not have any problems when it comes about admirers. He drew their attention with his lyrics and he made it, he is a star. Thanks to his looks and songs, the rapper managed to work even with Keri Hilson. Their song together, Medicine is one of the hottest right now. Permanently on the radio, the song became rapidly a favorite of fans all over the works. Plies take into consideration his fans and listens carefully to their demands. He has principles and and he stands up for what he believes in. And thanks to his impressive image, he has a lot of adoring fans.

The First Steps Of Plies Rap Career
Wednesday, 16 May 2012
plieslife_and_childhood.jpgPlies, an American rapper, is the proof that if you want something and you fight for that, your dream comes true. The rapper was passionate about music since he was a teenager and his ex colleagues remember that very well even now. Since then, it has passed pretty much time, but he never gave up to his dream of becoming a famous rapper. His first song was a cover, but soon, the artist wrote his own songs. They were inspired by is adventurous life and experiences. For many, he is a negative example, while for others, he is a role model. The rapper is a role model because he striven to achieve what he wanted and he liked that a lot.


He started his music career with his brother. Together, they had an independent record label, named Big Gates Records. The artist and his brother, Rinell Lawrence Lavatte, travelled a lot, especially to Miami. Although the future famous American rapper refused to rap, the two brothers promoted the single "Tell Dem Krackers Dat." In terms of personal life, the rapper has a son with Brandy Lacole Lyons. The name of his son is Nijier Lanier Washington and was born at the University Community Hospital in Tampa, Florida in 2003. The albums that he released were all famous and nominated and even awarded. The Real Testament, as well as the Definition of Real, Da Realist, Goon Affiliated and Purple Heart are all great. Lyricism and his public image also contribute to his fame and popularity. Scandals and an adventurous life are also great. In 2006, he was involved in a scandal in Florida, at a nightclub and was charged with illegal possession of a concealed weapon. His friends and members of entourage were charged with attempted murder. It started a big fight and a few rounds of bullets were fired and a lot of people were afraid that they will lose their lives. One of the most important nominations were 2008: Ringtone of the Year ("Bust It Baby Pt 2", 2007: Best Rap/R&B Collaboration ("Shawty" with T-Pain) which he won. In 2011, he was nminetd for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group ("Lose My Mind") with Young Jeezy.

Plies is now one of the most famous American rappers. The explanation is very simple: he strived to make his dream come true and he managed.


Plies Song Themes And Representations
Wednesday, 02 May 2012

Since the beginning of his career, Plies made a huge name for himself in the industry. Granted that some other rappers came out with songs and albums at the same time as he did, Plies conquered more fans, because of the themes and representations issued in this music. Through these, the young rapper showed that he had street credibility and power and that he was the voice to be recognized as speaking for the masses. In addition to this, Plies focused on the elements that were present in the lifestyle of his peers and sang them in a way that would be appropriate for them and in the words they would use on a daily basis.

The first theme of the Plies songs is the image. Through songs, such as Pants Hang Low, the artist rapped about the way in which young men should look like and what are the elements of appearance that showcase their true pledge to the hood. Talking about guns and shootings is another theme of the Plies songs. The issue of drugs is also a related theme to the presentation of the rapper on the streets. These elements are very present in the lyrics of all rappers, but the ones who have actually went through them are the ones to gain the respect and the appreciation of the public. Next to these, the general theme of street cred is bound to be introduced and it is represented through various songs. Struggling times and family problems are also a part of the lifestyle represented in the songs. Love and women are main themes, but the representations of these may vary depending on the song.

Plies has all the elements needed to create the authentic rapper image. The use of love, family, drugs, guns, image and street cred are the ones to complete the perfect package for Plies as a rapper and as a man. For music lovers, the most important thing is that the artist stays true to original beliefs and values, to the way of life had before becoming famous and this is exactly what Plies can offer them.

Plies And His Dream
Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Plies is one of the most popular American rappers. His teenage dream became true although it lasted a fairly long time. Plies had also a great luck that helped him be famous.  Plies songs and lyrics are inspired by his personal life and also by his experiences. As many other rappers, Plies was involved in scandals, but he has not went to jail until now. Nevertheless, his brother was imprisoned and Plies had to pay a huge fee. He declared that it wasn't right what happened. Nonetheless, this scandal was not so important for his public image as these sort of things happen almost all the time. 

All Plies albums are extraordinary and he has a lot of fans. The lyrics were often criticized as they were too vulgar, but his success was stronger and stronger. The proof that Plies has become a mature and appreciated artist consists of many important nominations he had, as well as awards, but there is more: Plies also collaborated with many famous music artists. He has talent, inspiration and acts as a typical American rapper. His life is an amazing source of inspiration for the songs. The main things he sings about are women, sex, guns, money, success, life and about important things that happen to him. Although he gave up school, he pursued his dream and finally, he managed to become a popular rapper all around the world and very appreciated.

Plies is also very ambitious and ready to take over new musical projects. A few of his songs became hits very soon and he gained a lot of money. From a poor guy, through talent and work, Plies became a popular and famous rapper with great albums and an amazing success. Plies is the proof that if you want something very much, it will happen. He was lucky, but also very ambitious, passionate about music and determined to have what he wants. At present, he is the favourite artist of many people all around the world, so his success has no boundaries.

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